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Soup of the day 8

Caesar salad (review), custard tart and tile (blow) of Parmesan cheese 13

Bocconcinis, marinated and fried, spicy mayo 13  veg-2

Squids “grilled or fried” , wipe ” sweet Chile ” 13

Bourguignon Snails “classic style ” 13

Beets salad and hot goat cheese 15

Shrimps ceviche of Argentina, grilled peppers burnt persons, basil and chickpea 15

Artichoke fondue and crackers  15   veg-2

  Crusted nut goat cheese salad. Maple grilled peaches citrus vinaigrette 15

Tuna tataki on salad of green papaya. 18

Vegetable and shrimps Tempura dashi-ponzu sauce  18

Gravlax of salmon, ricotta and focaccia house 19

Salmon tartar and avocado salad 19 / 30

Beef Tartare and seaweed salad  Wakame 18 / 27

Fine cheese plate and variety of charcuteries 28


Tortiglioni: pancetta, lemon pea cream 24

Agnoloti, spinach, tomato and “Basil Foam” 27    veg-2

Vegetable poke bowl  15   veg-2

General Tao chicken, Stir Fry of riceberry 28

Baby back ribs with Guiness, Waldorf salad, French fries * 28

Broccolini, grilled Cornouaille chicken, choice of side dishes. 30

Poached salmon with béarnaise sauce 31

Poke bowl : Beef or tuna or salmon  31

Halibut, salsa verde and a sautéed radish 33

Roasted scallops and shrimp with rosemary, Ratatouille 36

Filet de boeuf 1855 8 oz, asparagus, béarnaise sauce 49 (extra foie gras $15)

Flank steak 6 oz., herbs butter, sauteed mushrooms and small potatoes 35

Angus Tomahawk, sautéed mushrooms* $2.75/oz




Home fries / Ratte potatoes parmesan / Green Salad / Caesar Salad // Home fries sweet potatoes, extra 2


Home fries or Ratte potatoes parmesan 6 / Green salad or Caesar salad 7

Home fries sweet potatoes 8 // Foie gras 15 // Lobster tail 16 // Bordeaux Sauce 4 // Wild Mushroom Pan 6


Chocolate melt 9

Crème brûlée today’s flavour 9

Tart : Lemon meringue 9

Crunchy pecan cheesecake with caramel fleur de sel 10

Dessert of the moment – Variable price – See blackboard

Ask your waiter about any ardoise items!

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