Regular Menu

Refinement, presentation and freshness


Soup of the day 8

Caesar salad, parmesan crisp, pancetta chips 12
Bocconcinis, marinated and fried, spicy mayo 12

Fried calamari, aigrelet sauce and cocktail sauce 12
Salad of beets and citrus (grapefruit, blood orange), feta and pine nuts 13

Snails, pears, mushrooms and pine nuts casserole, topped with Old Amsterdam 14
Grilled creamy artichoke and leek fondue, corn chips and parmesan 14

Vegetable poke bowl with kale, edamame, tofu, mango, guacamole, sesame seeds and cashews 14

Crusted nut goat cheese salad, maple grilled peaches citrus vinaigrette 15

Beef carpaccio, smoked paprika, arugula and radicchio salad, fried capers,
balsamic vinegar and parmesan shavings 15

Salad of fresh figs, quinoa, prosciutto, Cambozola, pecans, arugula and balsamic reduction 15

Marinated tuna tataki in sesame crust, sauteed bok choy, mushrooms. 17

Shrimp marinated in tempura with mayonnaise 17

2-salmon apple tartare and updated Waldorf salad 18 / 29*

Beef tartare 17 / 26* OR Duo tartare 29*

Fine cheese plate from ” La Tanière” 21

Variety of charcuteries, rillettes, foie gras, olives, mustards 26


Fettucine with sauce of dried tomatoes, grilled vegetables, artichoke hearts, olives and fried capers 24

Mini-burger trio of the day (choice of salad or fries) 25

Asian fettucine, with shrimps, snow peas, mini corn cobs, peppers and bean sprouts 26

General Tao chicken, l’Entracte style 27

Baby back ribs* 27

Shish-taouk style grilled chicken breasts, served with Boston lettuce and herb with garlic dressing  27

Walleye amandine, with lemon, parsley, capers, rice and vegetables 30

Maple-coated salmon filet, candied onions, asparagus and parsnip purée 31

Beef tataki poke bowl with marinated King Oyster mushrooms, strawberry salsa, mint and sweet potatoes 31

Braised giant scallops, mushrooms, pancetta and almonds risotto with red pepper coulis 32

Seared duck breast, foie gras, corn puree, sautéed carrots. Fig and port sauce. 36

From the Grill

Flank steak 6 oz., herbs butter, sauteed wild mushrooms and small potatoes 34

AAA Filet mignon, pepper and Jack Daniel’s sauce* 6 oz. 41 / 8 oz. 47 (foie gras $10 extra)

Rack of Quebec lamb with lemon and parmesan, mustard aïoli, grilled corn*     48

Angus Tomahawk: (Reserve your Tomahawk steak when making your reservation or 24 hours in advance)* $2.50/oz.



Home fries / Ratte potatoes / Green Salad / Caesar Salad

Home fries sweet potatoes, extra 2


Home fries or Ratte potatoes 6 /  Green salad or Caesar salad  7

Home fries sweet potatoes 8

Foie gras 10

Lobster tail 15

Pepper – whisky sauce 3


Chocolate melt 9

Crème brûlée today’s flavour 9

Tart : Lemon meringue 9

Crunchy pecan cheesecake with caramel fleur de sel 10

Tart: raspberry preserves, pistachio cream and vanilla ice cream 10

 Mille feuille, choco-caramel mousse, raspberry jelly and chocolate crust 11

Gluten-free brownies with nuts, dark chocolate mousse,
creamy praline and caramelized nuts, vanilla ice cream 12

Dessert of the moment – Variable price – See blackboard

Ask your waiter about any ardoise items!

Sushi now available 7 days a week