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Sashimi: Nigiri 2 pieces. Sashimi 1-3 pieces 

Hamachi jalapeño: Hamachi, jalapeño, ponzu sauce. Sashimi            12

Hamachi: Yellow tail            7

Maguro: Red tuna            7

Sake: Salmon            6

Unagi: Eel            7

Sunrise: Red caviar, quail egg            7

Tamago: Japanese omelette            4

Hoso Makis: 6 pieces

Maguro: Red Tuna            8

Hamachi: Yellow tail            8

Sake: Salmon            7

Negi Mauro: Red tuna, Green onion, spicy mayo            9

Negi Hamachi: Yellow tail, green onion, spicy mayo            9

Negi Sake: Salmon, green onion, spicy mayo            9

Avocado: Avocado            5

Kappa: Cucumber            5

Tamago: Japanese omelet            5

Smoked salmon: Smoked salmon, avocado            8 

Makis: 5 pieces

Kamikaze Maguro: Tuna, cucumber, avocado, tempura bits, caviar, spicy mayo,
green onion                  11

Kamikaze Sake: Salmon, cucumber, avocado, tempura bits, caviar, spicy mayo,
green onion                  10

California: Tamago (Japanese omelette), shrimp, cucumber, avocado/caviar                  8.5

Alaska: Smoked salmon, crab mix, avocado, cream cheese/caviar                  9

Sanje: Crab mix, avocado, tempura shrimp/sesame                  9

Smoky: Smoked salmon, avocado, shrimp tempura, green onion, spicy mayo/sesame                  9

Arc en Ciel Vegetarienne: Assorted vegetables / Tempura vegetables,
crispy sweet potato                  9

Lobster: Tempura lobster, mango, cream cheese, green onion, tempura bits,
avocado spicy mayo / salmon, tuna                  11

Hamachi spicy: Hamachi (yellowtail), caviar, cucumber, tempura bits, green onion                  11

Dancing Eel: Eel, tempura shrimp, cucumber, avocado                  10

Dynamite: Tempura shrimp, crab stick, tamago, caviar, cucumber,
tempura bits / salmon                  9


Sunset: Cream cheese, grilled asparagus, tempura shrimp / mango, spicy mayo,
camelized pecans                  11


Lion: Tempura shrimp, cucumber, spicy mayo, avocado / crispy sweet potato                  9

Dragon eye: Salmon, hamachi, sweet potato, crab stick, tamago, avocado /
tempura roll                  16

Speciality Sushi: 8 pieces

Koko: Rolled with soy paper. Tempura lobster tail, salmon / Panko scallop,
popcorn shrimp. Served with creamy truffle sauce and Eel sauce            23

Hattori Hanzo: Rolled with soy paper. Tuna, tempura bits, spicy mayo/Eel,
popcorn shrimp            18

Salmon Gratine: Rolled with soy paper. Avocado, tempura bits/salmon
tartare torched. Served with eel sauce            22

Delice: Crab cake, cucumber/Tuna, avocado. Served with creamy truffle sauce and blueberries            20 

Club: Rolled with soy paper. Crab sticks, tempura scallops, popcorn shrimp,
caviar, avocado, green onion, spicy mayo            18

Pitchfork: Contre Filet Tataki, Crispy Leek, Eggplant Tempura, Asparagus,
Sweet Pepper, Teriyaki sauce            22

Emperor: Avocado, green onion, tempura bits, spicy mayo/tuna, salmon,
hamachi, ponzu            22

Red tiger: Tempura shrimps, spicy mayo avocado/tuna, hamachi, steak spices.
Torched roll            21

Rose garden: Rolled with soy paper and no rice. Tuna, caviar, spicy mayo,

tempura bits, green Onion, avocado, tempura shrimps, mango            23

Jalapeño Hamachi: Hamachi, avocado/Tuna, hamachi, jalapeño, ponzu, caviar            16

Mountain: Crab,avocado, shrimp tempura/salmon, tuna, popcorn shrimps            18

Dragon: Shrimp tempura, crab, cucumber / Unagi (eel), avocado            ?

Picasso: Tuna, amachi, crab stick, green onion, caviar mango, avocado lettuce.
Served with spicy mayo            22

 Tempura vegetables:

Seasonal            10

Tuna tartar: 

Rising sun: Green onion, tempura bits, red caviar, avocado, quail egg, mayo            21

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