soup of the day 8

caesar salad, parmesan crisp, pancetta chips 10

bocconcinis, marinated and frieds, spicy mayo 10

snails, sun-dried tomatoes, pinesnuts, roastham, grated goat cheese 10

fried squid,salsa, lemon 11

quinoa, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, mintleaves, onions, croutons 11

onion soup, friedegg, grilled chorizo 12

artichoke fondue, corn chips and accompaniment 12

l’Entracte salad, mesclun, pinenuts, hard boiled egg, goat cheese croutons 12

shrimp avocado 13

spinach pancake, hazelnut, lime butter and accompaniment 13

shrimp marinated in tempura mayonnaise 15

beef tartare 16

salmon carpaccio and tartar 16

foie gras poutine, popcorn shrimp, coriander 17

cheese plate 19

variety of charcuteries, rillettes, foie gras, olives, mustards 24

tomato tian and quinoa risotto 21

general tao chicken, l’Entracte style 24

baby back ribs* 24

salmon carpaccio and tartar *25

beef tartare* 25

spice-crusted grilled salmon and mashed potatoes 28

veal scallop, lemon, parsley, capers, linguini 28

braised grand marnier osso buco, gremolata, tomatoes, parmesan linguine 30

seared giant scallops, risotto, slow-roasted tomatoes, ham, peas, cream of wasabi peas 30

grilled flank steak with cambozola, pepper sauce and Jack Daniel’s 31

beef tenderloin* 36

(*and accompaniment)

(extra potato fricassee 3$)


pepper sauce, whiskey, maple syrup 3

red wine, shallots sauce 3

home fries/baked potatoes/mashed potatoes 5

potato fricassee, grilled chorizo, cheese curds 5

green or caesar salad 5

grilled chicken strips 6

grilled shrimp (3) 9

napoleon, chocolate, caramel, raspberry coulis 8

chocolate balls 8

crème brûlée today’s flavor 8

today’s pie topped with home-made vanilla ice cream 8

cheese cake of the moment 8