Bistro-type, fusion cuisine featuring refinement, presentation and product freshness. Our menu changes twice a year: spring/summer and fall/winter, to adapt to seasonal products and requirements, which are then complemented by a few regional products and favorites. We also offer original and savoury sushi, a house specialty we’re particularly proud of, as well as specials on our chalkboard, which change several times a month.

On our next menus, new dishes (which will then become permanently available) include grilled meats made from top choice cuts that are totally fresh and straight from the butcher’s counter to your plate.


Upcoming L’Entracte projects:

– Web site redesign

– Continuation of on-site improvements


Regional difficulties in finding highly qualified kitchen staff led us to recruit chef consultants: Frédéric Archambault, originally from Val-d’Or, currently chef at Lac-Leamy Casino, and his colleague Christian Bolduc, also chef at Lac-Leamy Casino. Each week for the last three years, the two have taken turns coming to train our team here at the Bar Bistro L’Entracte.

Frédéric Archambault, who is our executive chef and chef trainer, creates the menus and trains our team. Both see to quality control and proper working techniques. This ongoing training offered to the L’Entracte team gives our employees access to Quebec Government certification. This entails a major investment on our part, but staff training is one of our priorities.

The Bar Bistro L’Entracte also offers a mouth-watering wine list with over 50 products that include several private imports and many little delights to discover! The wine list changes twice a year.

For the last decade, the Bar Bistro L’Entracte has also presented music shows, inviting top, internationally renowned musicians. While blues is often on the menu, the repertoire changes from time to time!

Lastly, all our desserts are made in-house by our dessert connoisseur: Valérie Marleau.





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